How I Record My Flights

I’ve started making videos of my flights, like this one:

To those who are interested in what I use to record, here’s the rundown:

Camera: GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition (Silver Edition might be a better choice for economy and options for lower storage per minute of video.) 32GB or 64GB micro SD card.

Filter: PolarPro Neutral Density (prevents prop from appearing in the video, by slowing shutter speed).

Audio: Sony ICD-PX440 Digital Audio Recorder and splitter cable to record headset audio. Ambient audio / engine noise recorded by the GoPro. My video camera rental repair tech drilled some holes in the waterproof GoPro case that the filter mounts on so audio could get in.

Camera Power: He also made a hole in the case so I could connect the USB power cable to the camera from this backup battery pack. GoPro batteries only last about 45 minutes otherwise.

Camera Mount: Currently a suction mount on the overhead dome light lens. This one is a little wobbly, so I am going to try a shorter profile mount next. Will advise.

Editing: iMovie on my Macbook Pro. Maybe I’ll upgrade to Final Cut Pro if I add another camera, as iMovie doesn’t support multi-track video.

View all my flying videos on YouTube.